BH T10 Treadmill by far has to be the best buy treadmill of 2010.

"And if you really want to have a full commercial treadmill at home and not pay an arm and a leg, you can always look at the BH fitness T10 Treadmill. I have used this treadmill and for the price of $3299.99 it is a steal. Quality wise and every spec wise this treadmill will blow your mind away. This treadmill is as sturdy as Landice and has the great looks of a Life Fitness treadmill. Again it has the extra long belt which I love to run on (22’’ by 62’’ )and is whisper quiet. With the amount of money you save you can get yourself the secondary piece that you are looking for and still save yourself a lot of money. Another thing about the treadmill is the ease of use, which is very important. It has every electronic feature that you are looking for and very easy to use. Compare it to the Life fitness or Precor higher end products, the features they have are cool looking but have you ever tried using them? Well put it this way, its not easy and gets you frustrated very easily. If you treadmill or any piece of equipment is not easy to use, you will not use it as much.
Bottom Line … No Brainer =
BH T10 is a the Best Buy!


Our Reasons:

  • Great Construction – If the T8 was a tank this has to be a Bunker Buster! An absolute monster of a treadmill that would demolish anything in its way. Pound for Pound, Spec. for Spec. there is NO better treadmill in the industry!
  • Sleek monitor layout and EASY POD function stop key and quick keypads
  • Direct Speed and Incline Buttons with Rubber Oversized Keypads.
  • A great orthopedic belt and deck combination.  So great that BH is one of the only manufacturers to warranty the orthopedic belt for light commercial applications.  
  • A very powerful motor
  • Oversized XXL 22” x 60” belt creates the perfect running area.
  • Extremely quiet operation due to the balanced rollers, motor and low friction commercial grade belt.
  • BEST TREADMILL for 1. reliability 2. comfort 3. design